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Pardon my recent postingfail,

They sure are growin' pretty Ghostbusters these days. Also I appreciate Atari not putting Bridget in a skirt or some shit.
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Oh my, don't get me started on the sexy version of the uniform. Even Dan Schoening dressed Janine up in one of those for the Halloween IDW comic! (Although that might have been coming from the scriptwriter...)

I like that this chick looks like she's ready for battle, so to speak, right down to the stompyboots! That's my kinda gal!
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I bought the Halloween comic, but haven't worked up the mental fortitude to read it yet. I was very disappointed that Schoening, whose art is so awesome, fell into the fanservice!Janine trap. Though the plot summary sounded like total crap as well.

I love stompyboots.


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