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([personal profile] chaobell Nov. 15th, 2010 12:17 pm)
OKAY SO before I get to the pics let me just say this weekend was made entirely out of pure concentrated awesome.

Friday morning we got to the con and discovered that we and the DFW Ghostbusters and their Ecto-HHR were being set up RIGHT NEXT TO ERNIE'S BOOTH. Now the bad news was, we had been told by con staff--not Ernie's handler, she was completely awesome to us and I want to be sure to be very specific about that and will get back to that later but--to please not bug him and wait till he approached us to talk to him. Which, okay, that's cool, I can understand that.

So as the day goes on, every once in a while Ernie kind of looks over and waves, and we kind of look over and wave, and finally I guess another fan asked him about us, he said he didn't know why we hadn't come over to meet him, she came and asked us, we relayed the "plz don't bug" request, she went back and told him, and he STOPPED WHAT HE WAS DOING TO COME OVER AND HUG US ALL. He was all "I WAS WONDERING WHY YOU DIDN'T COME SAY HI" and we were all "THEY TOLD US NOT TO ;_;" and his handler (who, I repeat, was awesome to us) came over to explain that no, as long as he didn't have a big-ass line it was perfectly okay for us to come over and talk to him.

So as soon as he got done signing and posing for pix for that lady, he came over and put on one of the DFW guys' proton packs and posed for group pics (i.e. the one I posted last night) with us and told us to come see him early in the morning and he would autograph our stuff. And then he took us all up front with him to stand behind him while some local news folks interviewed him.

Now, two of the DFW GBs were a couple with a baby, and they had to leave Friday afternoon because they also work at the Ren Fest. When they mentioned this to Ernie, he once again STOPPED WHAT HE WAS DOING TO BE AWESOME TO THEM, by which I mean he put the guy's proton pack back on, pulled them over to the photo op area, and did a pic with them and the baby.

That was just Friday at the con itself.

Friday night, we went to this restaurant across the street from the convention center. And we were sitting there at the table, and I saw this guy come in and I thought "wow, that looks like Ernie. ... ... ... OMG THAT IS ERNIE." And he saw us and came over to chitchat for a while, then he got his food and went back to his hotel.

Saturday morning we went over and took him a HAGB T-shirt and dog tag and got him to autograph our proton packs and all, and we handed him the T-shirt, he went "whoa, cool," and--my hand to God--HE CHANGED INTO OUR T-SHIRT RIGHT THERE AT THE TABLE. His handler was all "Oh hey, anyone got any dollar bills? :D" And at the risk of sounding like a creeper, um, I hope I am in that good a shape when I am that age, let me tell you gb_d. @_@

Now all this time, one of the DFW girls had two things of Stay-Puft Marshmallows. One sealed box she was collecting autographs on, and one box that was to be eaten; however, Ernie was to get the first one out of that box before any others would be eaten. He pulled her back behind his table and they both had a marshmallow and he hammed this up for all it was worth. There are no words to describe how absolutely fucking hilarious this was. Fortunately there are pics.

And then yesterday was just kind of laid-back. I think many of us had become zombies by then, but it was still awesome.

And now, pics!

I'm detecting high levels of HUGE PICSPAM in this area )


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